Circumpolar Expeditions announces with regret that due to Covid 19 restrictions and the U.S. State Department advisories, our tours and travel to Chukotka and the Russian Far East will be suspended for the summer of 2022.

We plan to resume those tours and travel in the spring and summer of 2023.

There are endless reasons why you need to explore Alaska’s vast wilderness. Dubbed as the Last Frontier state, Alaska is home to breathtaking mountains, fabled fjords, glaciers, rare wildlife, charming mining towns and settlements of local communities who have lived there for hundreds of years. It is a place that is largely untouched by human development, allowing nature to flourish like it always has. When it comes to natural beauty and unexpected encounters with rare fauna, there is no place quite like Alaska. Winter sees the state covered in a white blanket of snow, while spring and summer usher in the colorful brilliance of flowers and lush foliage. It is also a place where you will experience native history and culture in all its glory. If you wish to explore this state and witness its many attractions and wonders, a trip to Alaska with Circumpolar Expeditions is just what you need.

Travel to Alaska and the Russian Far East

About Us

Circumpolar Expeditions provides clients with unique and personalized experiences.

Expeditions and Tours

We design custom tours, professional exchanges and trade missions in the circumpolar arctic with an emphasis on Alaska and the Russian Far East.

Film Services

We offer logistical support, location scouting, and serving as a liaison with local villages and organizations.

Education and Humanitarian Efforts

Our humanitarian efforts have focused on arctic health issues including rural health fairs, and substance abuse education and prevention, and with providing supplies and equipment .

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About us


For the past 30 years Circumpolar Expeditions has led the way in arctic adventures. We provide our clients with unique and personalized experiences. Whether organizing specialized tours, creating vocational training programs, or providing logistic and ground support for expeditions and film crews, we do what nobody else does. Let us share our passion for the arctic with you.


Circumpolar Expeditions and the Wallack family are widely recognized for their experience and expertise in working with the varied cultures and nations of the arctic. Circumpolar Expeditions has received the Alaska Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award, and has been listed in the Book of Honor of the World Trade Center Associations as the company in Alaska “which best represents peace and stability through trade”.

Dedication and Commitment

Since 1980, we have worked with and assisted our clients in reaching their goals and objectives, and completing their expeditions and projects on time and within their budgets. We view the working relationship with our clients as a supportive, collaborative partnership. We offer practical alternatives and solutions based on our years of real world experience organizing and managing small and large projects throughout the arctic.

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