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It is easy to forget that Russia lies only a short distance from the United States. The Bering Strait separates the Chukotka Peninsula on the Russian side from the Seward Peninsula of Alaska. Circumpolar Expeditions offers you the opportunity to travel to the Russian Far East. Whether you are inspired by an inquisitive mind or a spirit of exploration, join us on a memorable journey to a seldom visited place characterized by its natural landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Chukotka is sparsely populated, with Anadyr serving as the administrative center. The weather there is changeable, with cold, strong winds being commonplace throughout the year. The temperatures average between 5 and -30 degrees F (-15 and -35degrees C) in winter and between 40 and 57 degrees F (5 and 14 degrees C) in summer.

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For more than 30 years, we have been leading expeditions to the Arctic, with a special focus on Alaska and the Russian Far East. We aid our clients in completing their projects on time and in a comfortable and convenient manner, by providing ground and logistic support along with assistance in planning the tour. We have worked with big names such as BBC and National Geographic, and with individuals. We are adept at organizing custom tours that are personalized to match the needs of our clients. Whether the purpose of your visit is educational, economic, or is just a vacation, we can provide you with an experience you will never forget.

Chukotka offers unique opportunity to witness an unspoiled Arctic ecosystem, and the culture and history of the local native communities. Chukotka contains a natural habitat that is rich in flora and fauna, including whales, polar bears, walruses, reindeer herds, and vast numbers of migratory birds.

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Circumpolar Expeditions provides clients with unique and personalized experiences.

Expeditions and Tours

We design custom tours, professional exchanges and trade missions in the circumpolar arctic with an emphasis on Alaska and the Russian Far East.

Film Services

We offer logistical support, location scouting, and serving as a liaison with local villages and organizations.

Education and Humanitarian Efforts

Our humanitarian efforts have focused on arctic health issues including rural health fairs, and substance abuse education and prevention, and with providing supplies and equipment .


For the past 30 years Circumpolar Expeditions has led the way in arctic adventures. We provide our clients with unique and personalized experiences. Whether organizing specialized tours, creating vocational training programs, or providing logistic and ground support for expeditions and film crews, we do what nobody else does. Let us share our passion for the arctic with you.

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