Bering Strait Tours

Some of the most pristine landscapes and remote natural wonders of the world lie along the Bering Straits. Located between Russia and Alaska, the Bering Strait is an icy mass of water that is teeming with wildlife. Every spring, this narrow gateway between the Pacific and the Arctic Ocean experiences one of the largest and most significant migrations of marine mammals and sea birds. It is a place like nowhere else on earth and is home to species that have adapted themselves to its harsh, yet dynamic environment.

On a Bering Strait tour with Circumpolar Expeditions, expect to see rich diversity of flora and fauna, which may include whales, polar bears, walruses, and seals. Venture out to places that are rarely visited by travelers and revel in the beauty of this arctic wonderland that may seem like it is fixed in time. In the middle of the Strait, only some two miles apart, are the striking Diomede Islands, rookeries for millions of sea birds.

Circumpolar Expeditions has been leading arctic adventures for more than 30 years. Rely on our unmatched expertise and knowledge of the region to provide you with an unforgettable Bering Strait tour experience. We customize our tours according to the requirements and capabilities of our clients. Contact us for more information.

About Us

Circumpolar Expeditions provides clients with unique and personalized experiences.

Expeditions and Tours

We design custom tours, professional exchanges and trade missions in the circumpolar arctic with an emphasis on Alaska and the Russian Far East.

Film Services

We offer logistical support, location scouting, and serving as a liaison with local villages and organizations.

Education and Humanitarian Efforts

Our humanitarian efforts have focused on arctic health issues including rural health fairs, and substance abuse education and prevention, and with providing supplies and equipment .


For the past 30 years Circumpolar Expeditions has led the way in arctic adventures. We provide our clients with unique and personalized experiences. Whether organizing specialized tours, creating vocational training programs, or providing logistic and ground support for expeditions and film crews, we do what nobody else does. Let us share our passion for the arctic with you.

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