The Arctic Circle is one of the few places that promise a true adventure. The alluringness of its remoteness fills you with a deep sense of calm and simultaneously gives you a good old adrenaline rush! That said, when you visit the Arctic Circle, you are venturing to some of the most fragile ecosystems of the world. Polar bears, walruses, and an array of endangered and rare wildlife call these waters and lands home. Inuit communities are navigating through the recent influx in tourism. So, while trying to get the best Arctic Circle tour in Alaska, you should also ensure you are taking responsible decisions.

1. Pick a responsible tour company

The Arctic Circle is not just another getaway location that you can head to after making a spontaneous plan. It is not like Europe, where you can show up with a backpack and figure the rest out. It is best to get in touch with a travel company that specializes in tours to the area. Traveling with a tourism company ensures the safety of yourself and these wildlife-rich destinations. By picking a responsible tourism company, you take the first step toward touring the Arctic responsibly!

2. Do your homework, research about the local culture

While you are planning a trip to the Arctic Circle, spend some time reading about the Inuit culture or way of life. Some call it “exotic” or “foreign.” But it is just different. When you learn about their history, you will develop respect and appreciation for them. Research about the contemporary culture of the locals, and you will know the right way to behave. If you want a suggestion, Circling the Midnight Sun by James Raffan is a good read highlighting the changes in the Inuit culture.

3. Enjoy wildlife-viewing but keep a safe distance

A lot of people are drawn to the Arctic Circle because of its wildlife. You get the chance to see seals, walruses, narwhals, humpback whales, and of course polar bears. It is honestly exciting! But, remember, these awe-inspiring animals should remain wild. So, enjoy the Arctic wildlife from a safe distance. It is common sense that you must never approach these animals on foot because of safety reasons. Even if you are traversing the Arctic waters on a boat, don’t get too close. It may put the animal at risk.

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