An Alaskan vacation is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. The adventure, the thrill, and the feeling of being one with nature in all its glory are not worth missing out on. The magnificent landscapes and equally breathtaking seascapes fill your heart with joy. When you are in the Last Frontier state, do visit the Big Diomede Island, for the grandeur of its vast wilderness will mesmerize you.

Before you take off for an enthralling Alaskan adventure, know that you will also be experiencing the most extreme climatic conditions, and must be prepared for withstanding the elements! Here is a quick checklist that will come in handy when you pack for the vacation of a lifetime:

1. For your traveler’s wallet– If you don’t already have a traveler’s wallet, make it a point to purchase one before heading off to the wonderland of clear lakes and glorious mountains. That way you will have all your essentials secure and on you all the time. Pack your passport, driver’s license, and enough cash. It helps to have small denominations. A bit of friendly advice, do inform your bank about your travel schedule as many of them freeze cards on seeing activities that seem suspicious, and you don’t want to be traveling with blocked credit and/or debit card!

2. Don’t forget toiletries– It goes without saying that you should always travel with your medication and personal toiletries. Pack only travel-friendly sizes. In case you forget something, purchase it the first thing once you reach the destination. Sunscreen is mandatory among other products as you will be out in the open for long stretches. Those who wear glasses should pack an extra pair, just in case.

3. Proper clothing– A rule of thumb for dressing right in Alaska is layers. The temperatures vary from the ’60s to below zero and the wind is chilly, so, keep both the extremes in mind while packing clothes. Long sleeve thermal for upper body and fleece-lined leggings for your legs is a must. Beanies and gloves are also a must and don’t forget sunglasses. Proper boots are required as well.    

Circumpolar Expeditions has 3 decades of experience and expertise to help you plan and materialize your vacation plans to the arctic. 

Whether you want to visit the Big Diomede Islands or make a trip to the Bering Strait, we will take care of every little detail.