Want to experience the grandeur of scenic Alaskan landscapes? May we suggest exploring the Russian Far East as well? When it comes to traveling to the Russian Far East, a trip to Chukotka, Russia should be on the cards. Closer to the US than to Moscow, Chukotka is mostly wilderness with magnificent views. You will witness polar bears, Arctic foxes, and reindeers roaming around against a backdrop of icy rivers and the majestic Tundra.

You may need to spend a little more for a trip to Chukotka, Russia but every penny will be well spent. Imagine how much fun it will be to tell your friends that you traveled to the end of the Earth! If you want to truly satisfy the wanderlust that keeps bugging you to pack your bags and take off to a vacation, Chukotka will not disappoint. After all, nothing is more satisfying than the solitude of nature!

What to expect?

While visiting Chukotka, be prepared for frigid temperatures. Weather is vastly unstable and strong winds are commonplace. The average temperature varies from -15 to -35 degree Celsius in winters and is between 5 to 14 degree Celsius during peak summers. Packing a couple of extra jackets and warm socks are always a good idea. Small aborigine settlements and a few small villages are spread across the region. Exploring Chukotka is nothing short of venturing into an Arctic dreamland.

Apart from abundant wildlife and wild coastlines, mining towns, deserted polar research stations and hunter’s huts are a few other exploratory sites. You will also come across bizarre ancient sites, like the Whale Bone Alley dating back to the 14th century on Yttygran Island, probably one of the most enigmatic places of the Far East. Think stones, whale skulls, and bones arranged in an alley formation, now that has to be some view!

Ship cruises to this easterly part of Russia set sail from Alaska. If you didn’t know it already, the Russian Far East and the Last Frontier State are separated by the whippet-thin Bering Strait. You get the chance of getting onto islands peppering the shore and exploring the mainland as well. While you are in the region, you may also visit the Diomede Islands, popularly referred to as ‘Tomorrow Island’ and ‘Yesterday Island’, as they straddle the International Date Line. Just keep your cameras ready because the landscapes are picturesque and wildlife and birdlife impressive. Meeting the locals is also a rich experience in itself.

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