Here’s Why You Need to Plan A Trip to Alaska During Winter

The idea of having to brave subzero temperatures may seem daunting at first, but Alaska is truly a sight to behold during winter. Undoubtedly one of the best things about visiting during the colder months is the snowy, frozen landscapes that look straight out of a fairytale. Over the years, winters in Alaska have witnessed significant change due to global warming, but in spite of them, the state turns into a snow-clad wonderland once the season rolls in. So, if you want to experience Alaska in its most pristine, you need to pay a visit to the Last Frontier State during winter. Here are a few other reasons:


Visiting The Arctic Circle? Do It Responsibly

The Arctic Circle is one of the few places that promise a true adventure. The alluringness of its remoteness fills you with a deep sense of calm and simultaneously gives you a good old adrenaline rush! That said, when you visit the Arctic Circle, you are venturing to some of the most fragile ecosystems of the world. Polar bears, walruses, and an array of endangered and rare wildlife call these waters and lands home. Inuit communities are navigating through the recent influx in tourism. So, while trying to get the best Arctic Circle tour in Alaska, you should also ensure you are taking responsible decisions. (more…)

Chukotka: Russian Far East Every Travel Enthusiast Should Explore

Want to experience the grandeur of scenic Alaskan landscapes? May we suggest exploring the Russian Far East as well? When it comes to traveling to the Russian Far East, a trip to Chukotka, Russia should be on the cards. Closer to the US than to Moscow, Chukotka is mostly wilderness with magnificent views. You will witness polar bears, Arctic foxes, and reindeers roaming around against a backdrop of icy rivers and the majestic Tundra. (more…)

4 Activities To Try On Your Alaskan Trip

When we talk about bucket-list destinations, Alaska is worth mentioning. Sure, it is quite far but then it’s exoticness makes up for everything. The beauty of majestic landscapes, fabled fjords and rare wildlife are a few things about the Last Frontier State capable of instilling an adventurer’s spirit in almost anybody. Travel to Alaska and the Russian Far East, we assure you will make some of the best memories of your life! Whether you’re working on your return-trip itinerary or planning to visit the land of wonders for the first time, to get the best bucket list trip to Alaska, just get in touch with us. (more…)

3 Things You Must Do To Make Your Alaska Trip A Success

For a lot of people, a trip to Alaska does not quite fit into their image of an ideal vacation or getaway. It is often considered as a destination that appeals only to the adventure enthusiasts and hardcore mountain lovers. Another reason why some are skeptical about visiting the last frontier of the country is its seemingly harsh weather. Well, all these are pure misconceptions because Alaska has a treasure trove of attractions for all kinds of travelers and the weather can be pretty pleasant, at least in spring and summer. The moment you arrive here, you will surely fall in love with its unmatched natural beauty, vast wilderness and unique (more…)

How to Pack Right for Your Trip to Alaska

An Alaskan vacation is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. The adventure, the thrill, and the feeling of being one with nature in all its glory are not worth missing out on. The magnificent landscapes and equally breathtaking seascapes fill your heart with joy. When you are in the Last Frontier state, do visit the Big Diomede Island, for the grandeur of its vast wilderness will mesmerize you. (more…)

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