The Last Frontier state is known for its vast vistas of unspoiled natural beauty, majestic mountains and glaciers, crystal clear lakes, and rare flora and fauna. That makes this beautiful state a must-visit destination for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. But if you are someone who likes to get off the beaten path, and traverse into untrodden routes, Alaska has something for you too. While most people choose to focus on the gorgeous outdoors, there are a plethora of unique attractions hidden in plain sight. Here are some of them:

Hammer Museum
A museum just for hammers! Yes, that’s right. The Hammer Museum, which is located in Haines, features more than 1,700 styles and designs of hammers from around the world. This fascinating museum will offer you plenty of information about hammers, including uses that you didn’t know were possible.

Glacier Garden
Do not be mistaken. This is no regular garden of flowers and trees. It is home to “upside-down” trees. As their name suggests, these trees have their tops buried in the ground and their roots exposed. And the roots serve as natural flower pots for some stunning blooms.

Stuffed Togo The Wonder Dog
While Balto is the most widely known sled dog of the 1925 serum run to Nome, it was Togo who pushed through the final hardest parts. This unsung hero braved harsh winds and minus 60-degree Fahrenheit temperatures to deliver the diphtheria antitoxin.

Santa Clause House 
If you want to experience the joys of Christmas even in July, this is where you need to be. Located in the North Pole, the Santa Claus house is a part of a small, quaint town, and is decorated for Christmas throughout the year.

Aurora Ice Museum
Enjoy an impressive display of fantasy ice carvings and a chilled cocktail at the ice bar at the Aurora Ice Museum. It is the world’s largest ice environment that is open all year round, even in summer.

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