How to Pack Right for Your Trip to Alaska

An Alaskan vacation is something everyone should experience in their lifetime. The adventure, the thrill, and the feeling of being one with nature in all its glory are not worth missing out on. The magnificent landscapes and equally breathtaking seascapes fill your heart with joy. When you are in the Last Frontier state, do visit the Big Diomede Island, for the grandeur of its vast wilderness will mesmerize you. (more…)

5 Most Unique and Usual Attractions in Alaska You Cannot Miss

The Last Frontier state is known for its vast vistas of unspoiled natural beauty, majestic mountains and glaciers, crystal clear lakes, and rare flora and fauna. That makes this beautiful state a must-visit destination for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. But if you are someone who likes to get off the beaten path, and traverse into untrodden routes, Alaska has something for you too. While most people choose to focus on the gorgeous outdoors, there are a plethora of unique attractions hidden in plain sight. Here are some of them: (more…)